This past Sunday, my phone was blowing up with email alerts.  But what caught my eye was the alert that only happens when vCenter Service starts:


* For those that didn’t know, at one point VMware started this much hated vRAM tax on vSphere 5.0 and as you can see we still have some hosts/licenses tied to this model that they did away with in vSphere 5.1

When I finally saw this alert over and over, I knew that the vCenter Service was automatically restarting almost every 10 minutes.  So after logging in I saw the following in the Windows Event Log:


As you can see that it states “..database ‘vcenter’ because the ‘PRIMARY’ filegroup is full…”  so I checked the SQL server that was created just for VMware related databases was indeed out of space.  Luckily it’s a VM so I just added more space to and then restarted the VMware VirtualCenter Server service and all was fixed within 10 minutes.

One last thing to check, if you have vCloud Director as well, is to reconnect the vCenter inside of vCD or you may not be able to provision new VMs or open Console: