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One or more RDSH (Windows Terminal Servers) with Horizon View Agent installed.

One or more VMware Horizon View Connection Servers version 6 already setup.

Software installed (or Thinapp’d!)


In your View Manager, add your Farms for the RDSH hosts:


Add the installed software:



Add entitled users:


Should look like this after you add the software:


Add a manual application (if only one host has the software* or if you are pointing to a ThinApp’d streaming package).

*I say if only one host because the software I installed wasn’t on the list but I may not have given it time to find it.




Misconfiguration with the path, Office 15 is no space and should be \Office15\

Now I get:


Since I only installed Visio on one of the RDSH instances then it will tell you which one is missing the software. If I needed to reboot view-rdsh-01 then the application would not be available in a HA scenario and this is a good way to find out those cases.

Now from the same client for desktops, you can also launch applications as well as create a shortcut for a quick launch of both:


Since View uses PCoIP, any device that is supported can launch these applications like the desktops with the same interface.  The most time consuming part of the whole thing is just installing the software on the RDSH servers but you don’t need to do anything special.


I haven’t been updating this blog very much lately but let me say something.. I’m exhausted mentally!  Why you ask?  Let me explain.

With Shared Services we have included training into most of the big purchases, which we like to do on-site due to the cost of travel for 6-18 people would be crazy to deal with all the stuff we have in production.   This is also great in the sense that I get to see my family every day after work but since you are technically still on campus makes it hard to break away from the daily grind.  That part is getting easier as we go though.

List of training that I’ve been in the last 2 months:

VMware vCloud Director 5.5 Install, Configure and Manage (3 days)

VMware View Best Practices (3 days)

VMware vCenter Operations Manager/vCOPS Analyze and Predict (2 days)

CommVault Basic Course (3 days)

We also had an Isilon Basic course (5 days) plus Compellent basic course (5 days) last year.

Where am I going with this?  OU:S2 is making sure that our team is well trained to help support our customers.  This also brings the 3 IT staff together from the different campuses and forms a way of reaching out to others in the class that may have a better handle on the environment.  I really enjoy going to training and proud that OU allows us to keep learning.

Now that VMworld is over and I’m back to work, it only seems right to write a take away about it.

First, my buddy and coworker David Stricklin went again as well this year so this marks his 4th and my 5th attendance.  Also our friend from the north campus, David Wisby, was also able to go so we definitely were able to “divide and conquer” the sessions as well as meet up for the parties.  Being a vExpert and VMUG leader there were a couple that only I could go so I was glad that both David’s (I’ll start calling them by last names) were able to hook up and have fun.

This was also the first time I went as a presenter.  My session was with Sean O’Dell who works at VMware and helps me with presentations/content for the OKC VMUG.  We had 116 register and 82 actually attend.  Not a bad turn out to hear what we are doing here at the University of Oklahoma with Shared Services.  It was great to get follow up questions and to hear of other universities starting to do the same as us.  The feedback was good except for the “it was boring and stop with the inside jokes” one.  I guess if you leave less than 10 minutes into the session you might think that and I apologize for my nervousness that I eventually was able to get out of the way.

The vExpert and VMUG parties were a great way to meet others in the two communities and nice to see that CEO Pat Gelsinger, COO Carl Eschenbach and then heard that former CTO Steven Herrod showed up after I left.  I highly doubt any other community would get that treatment but they need to.  I am definitely looking forward to next year and may try to do a follow up presentation on how we’ve progressed (hopefully the move from vCD to vCAC).

If you are in the IT field, be it virtualization, network or whatever I highly recommend following these vExperts on Twitter.  A lot of good info across the board and around the world. I will try to do a more in depth write up about the sessions I attended and the take-aways but now I have to go cry for installing and getting vCloud Director going for production a month before VMworld only to hear that it’s eventually going away and being cut up to get the multi-tenate in vCAC and other features else where.  Don’t mind the tears on the keyboard.


In retrospect to the PC vs Mac commercials, VMware released these videos about a M$ employee taking a lie detector test.  Those that say it’s not true to form on the M$ questions are lying to themselves.  There are four videos in total, I would watch them all back to back and have a good laugh.  Then go back to your vSphere (web) client..

I have the next OKC VMUG setup for the same place, Samis Education Center, on July 9th.  Dell is going to be sponsoring this event so we should have lunch available.  Registration is now open.

We will be going over vCenter Automation Center and the new product, vCenter Log Insight.  Time willing I’ll do a demo over what Shared Services here at OU is currently doing so we can kick off showing what we are doing within our group and see new ways or offering help on design and implementations.

See you all there!

Catching up!

So been doing a lot these past two months.  Finishing up our Shared Services projects so we can now phase out of the 9 teams to three DTO (Design, Transitions and Operations).  Been a year and half but it’s good to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Also had another VMUG where we covered the VMware Horizon Suite (thanks to Sean O’dell).  Tom Hollingsworth, currently the ONLY Oklahoma vExpert, also presented on the vExpert community and Cloud Cred.  Ryan Costello went over Project Nee/VMware Hands-on-Labs.  It was a good meeting as there were more interactions then I thought from the crowd.  Very pleased with that.

Look for the next VMUG in June since I’ll be a proud daddy to my 4th child in May.. I’ll be just a tad bit busy.  🙂