I have been in the IT field since I was 19 starting as a temporary at OCCC in the tech support department. After a year I was hired full time but six months later a position opened up in the Network Administration department and I was promoted as a LAN Specialist. This gave me the opportunity to learn more about servers and enterprise environments. Migrated from Netware 4.11 to Active Directory 2003 and followed up with Groupwise 6.5 to Exchange 2003. This lead me to get my MSCE, MCSA and both in Security with my Security+ to add to my A+ and NET+. We started this crazy thing called “virtualization” with VMware VirtualCenter. That came as a slow process because we had to sell ourselves on it first. After a year or so it became my project and I took off with it. The ability to build new servers in hours instead of weeks was the biggest selling point. I was then tasked with learning Citrix XenApp, while this was cool but I was taken back that it really wasn’t as mind blowing like VMware in the sense as it still needed Microsoft Terminal Server licenses and CALs with Citrix CALs too. But it worked, just a lot harder to manage.

After 8+ years I felt it was time to move on and took a job at OUHSC in their Operations department. This position introduced me to more how an IT should be ran. A flat infrastructure where anyone can do almost any task. But there was still those that were SMEs in their fields. Three years later and I was moved to the Engineering side. Now I get to focus more on virtualization projects which helps since we also started a project across all three campuses called Shared Services. As one of two team leads, we get the privilege of building a greenfield environment to not just appeal to the University of Oklahoma faculty, staff and students with access to one “virtual” data center across the three campuses but we are also teaming up with OSU on some of their projects to be good stewards in the higher education community.

Now that was long but hopefully it gives you an idea of why I have a passion for virtualization.

Also… I have a nickname of “Victor Michael Ware” so maybe I should just get a tattoo of the VMware logo to go with that too! 🙂

 VMware vExpert for 2013/2014/2015


Also the OKC VMware User Group (VMUG) leader!