For the last 14 years, I have been working in higher education at two different places.  I built my IT foundation at OCCC and moved on to OUHSC to further my career opportunities.  I rarely had my hands in the firewall or networking before the move but now I can say I have experience with Juniper firewalls and Cisco Nexus switches to say the least.  But the key to changing careers is being able to learn from others and hopefully spread some of your knowledge too.

At OUHSC, we had a Top 70 list of different tasks that we did in a flat operational structure.  Being able to train others on how to maintain a VMware shop was my duty as well as providing customers a great and stable environment for their services.  Then we started this Shared Services model of bridging the three campus into one virtual data center.  I presented at VMworld ’13 as well as a local conference for higher ed institutions on what we designed and created.  It’s been awesome building this platform that stretches across boundaries of teams then teaching them how to run it.  In my six years here I have been blessed in all aspects, my peers that created strong friendships and how well the leadership listened and took care of my family while giving me the chance to keep my passion going with virtualization. (Even let me host the OKC VMUG on campus because it was a great way to reach others.)

I was introduced to the VMware TAM organization last year when I applied for a position that ended up moving to Denver.  My leadership knew that I was interviewing because I was honest with them, they treated me fairly so I felt I should too.  Well another TAM position opened but this time it was SLED (State, Local and Education) based in Oklahoma.  Right up my alley right? 

Well my last day at OUHSC is now July 9th, three days after starting there six years ago.  And Monday, July 13th, I will start at VMware as a TAM based out of OKC.  It’s been fun and I will keep on preaching what Shared Services is doing in the private cloud space for higher education.  They are leading where others are just talking.

Now how do I legally change my name to Victor Michael Ware? 😉