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One or more RDSH (Windows Terminal Servers) with Horizon View Agent installed.

One or more VMware Horizon View Connection Servers version 6 already setup.

Software installed (or Thinapp’d!)


In your View Manager, add your Farms for the RDSH hosts:


Add the installed software:



Add entitled users:


Should look like this after you add the software:


Add a manual application (if only one host has the software* or if you are pointing to a ThinApp’d streaming package).

*I say if only one host because the software I installed wasn’t on the list but I may not have given it time to find it.




Misconfiguration with the path, Office 15 is no space and should be \Office15\

Now I get:


Since I only installed Visio on one of the RDSH instances then it will tell you which one is missing the software. If I needed to reboot view-rdsh-01 then the application would not be available in a HA scenario and this is a good way to find out those cases.

Now from the same client for desktops, you can also launch applications as well as create a shortcut for a quick launch of both:


Since View uses PCoIP, any device that is supported can launch these applications like the desktops with the same interface.  The most time consuming part of the whole thing is just installing the software on the RDSH servers but you don’t need to do anything special.


I had the great benefit of meeting GS last year at VMworld 2013.  Great guy and has a passion to help bring the virtualization community out of just behind our desks staring at monitors.  Being able to listen to what others are doing is an awesome way to learn and make contacts with those doing the same as you.

Episode 19 – Joey “VM” Ware – VCAC’d on what I’ve been doing here at OU|S2 for the last few years.

Check out what his Virtualization User Podcast as a Service and subscribe in iTunes to get the new episodes.