I haven’t been updating this blog very much lately but let me say something.. I’m exhausted mentally!  Why you ask?  Let me explain.

With Shared Services we have included training into most of the big purchases, which we like to do on-site due to the cost of travel for 6-18 people would be crazy to deal with all the stuff we have in production.   This is also great in the sense that I get to see my family every day after work but since you are technically still on campus makes it hard to break away from the daily grind.  That part is getting easier as we go though.

List of training that I’ve been in the last 2 months:

VMware vCloud Director 5.5 Install, Configure and Manage (3 days)

VMware View Best Practices (3 days)

VMware vCenter Operations Manager/vCOPS Analyze and Predict (2 days)

CommVault Basic Course (3 days)

We also had an Isilon Basic course (5 days) plus Compellent basic course (5 days) last year.

Where am I going with this?  OU:S2 is making sure that our team is well trained to help support our customers.  This also brings the 3 IT staff together from the different campuses and forms a way of reaching out to others in the class that may have a better handle on the environment.  I really enjoy going to training and proud that OU allows us to keep learning.