Part of my job is to try out new things and build a use case around it.  One of these projects I’ve been looking forward to is what Dell code named “Project Ophelia” which now is officially called the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect.  This is a HDMI “dongle” (try to say that without laughing) that runs on Android 4.1 and can be used as a very low maintenance thin client PC.  The price is what really gets me going coming in at $129 retail.  No other zero or thin client comes close to that price point.  And even if it did it barely did anything other than connect to your VDI or launched a web browser.  So when the 5 showed up and our business office called, I rushed over to pick them up.  I was a little taken back by the need for a Dell Cloud Client Manager account but after playing around I understand why.  These things can easily come up “missing” and with the CCM you can have the device wiped (like your smartphone.. it is running Android remember?) and limit what gets loaded since Google Play is accessible.

Pros:  Price, Price, Price.. also built-in Bluetooth/Wifi and ease of setup wizard.

Cons:  You have to setup a Dell CCM account but they have a free 14 day Pro version or a free limited version.

Check out for more info on that.

So would I recommend this for every user?  Not necessarily.  If you do not have a high end TV, your desktop text will be hard to read.  Also I could not get it to work on my 24″ Dell Ultrasharp as it just gave me a Dell logo.. I’m sure I need to read up more on requirements.  But for those that travel and spend alot of time in hotels it might be good to have with a BT keyboard and mouse.  I put one in our break room TV and our lab lounge TV.  My next goal is to get it to function with our digital signage solution.  The cost of a commercial TV is already expensive but the $500-1000 for a PC with no moving parts to get a longer lifetime could be reduced to the $129 cost and ease of remote setup/monitoring.