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In retrospect to the PC vs Mac commercials, VMware released these videos about a M$ employee taking a lie detector test.  Those that say it’s not true to form on the M$ questions are lying to themselves.  There are four videos in total, I would watch them all back to back and have a good laugh.  Then go back to your vSphere (web) client..


I have the next OKC VMUG setup for the same place, Samis Education Center, on July 9th.  Dell is going to be sponsoring this event so we should have lunch available.  Registration is now open.

We will be going over vCenter Automation Center and the new product, vCenter Log Insight.  Time willing I’ll do a demo over what Shared Services here at OU is currently doing so we can kick off showing what we are doing within our group and see new ways or offering help on design and implementations.

See you all there!